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From Bikepacker to Bikepackers

RIDE AND GET LOST it’s a story about muddy trails, winding paths among the trees, rocky slops of the mountains that lead nowhere but to your own limits. 

It is a story about the cyclist made to stray to find himself in the wilderness, to be self-sufficient and free. 



RIDE AND GET LOST is a one man company

based in Poland. 

Inspired by ongoing journey to get lost in the nature

I create bikepacking bags for lightweight off road touring with remote camping.

All bags are mounted directly to the bike elements, eliminating the need of using racks.


Each piece is designed and crafted by myself.

I then carefully test them during outdoor adventures to ensure they can handle the toughest conditions.



With years of experience I select only highest quality materials which allow me to create durable, light weight and functional bags.

I use X-Pac® high-performance fabric, which is 100% waterproof and climate neutral certified.



Thanks for visiting my website.


Ride safe!

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